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Van Slamlock

You Can Forget, but Slamlock Doesn’t

Do you often forget to lock your door? Or always have to leave your comfortable bed to double-check the locks as the stinging discomfort won't leave you alone? Don't worry. Secured Van can help.

We got locks for vans that offer the most robust security measures and the ideal anti-pick design, so an infiltrator is always left disappointed. You no longer need to worry about leaving your vehicle for quick drop-offs or saying hi to a friend.

Slamlock in Bristol
from £74.99
+ installation

What is a Van Slamlock?

Van Slamlock is another great option for van owners to keep their vehicle secure in all circumstances, even when you forget to lock your door. The auto-lock system accompanying van slamlocks ensures that it gets locked in place as soon as the door is closed.


  • Van security add-on that integrates with your original vehicle lock system

  • No compromise on van aesthetics

  • Dependable slam operation

  • Durable nickel encapsulates the lock for ideal performance and a shiny finish.

  • Get three spare keys with each kit

  • A great van security idea for courier vans

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Is Van Slamlock ideal for you?

The most benefit you can take out of a van slamlock installation is if you work a job that requires you to open and close the van door consistently (couriers). For example, you may have to unload precious cargo at the destination, but if you're the one carrying the luggage inside, who's looking after an unlocked van? An opportunist thief can use this window to incur you a loss that could have been avoided if you had a van slamlock from Locks 4 vans.

Hence, if you want to elevate your commercial vehicle security to the next level while reducing human error to a minimum, van slamlocks are the perfect tool.

Looking for dependable locks for vans? Reach out to Secured-Van for unparalleled mental peace and a secure vehicle, always.