Other van security ideas
recommended as an addition to locks for vans


Anti-Peel Kit

An anti-peel bracket ensures that no one can get in your vehicle through the traditional ‘peeling’ method commonly used by motivated thieves. It fits at the front end of the designated door and works ideally with an L4V hook lock. Are you planning to get an anti-peel bracket for perfect van security? Locks4vans is your top choice. You can pair it up with our most trusted L4V hook locks, so your vehicle is always secure in a safe bubble.


Handle Shield

Your van can often stay vulnerable if someone spikes your door handle to access the internal door mechanism. A van handle shield is an ideal tool to counter this issue, where its vehicle-specific design makes it almost impossible for thieves to infiltrate the van using the said method of attack. Of course, you'll have to provide your vehicle information to get a custom handle-shield made that works for your vehicle requirements. Curious about the best option? Armaplate handle shield does everything right.

Internal and External Shields

Van Shields (Internal and External) ensure that no one can access your van through drilling or punching into the door. There isn't much difference in both types besides that external shields act as a preemptive warning for any individuals trying to break into your vehicle. Since drilling can punch through even the most rigid materials, our internal shields have durable stainless steel construction in variable thickness models to fit your needs perfectly.

Loom Guards

Your van may have some external parts where wiring harnesses (commonly known as looms) are exposed or vulnerable to access by cutting or puncturing the protective layer. This way, a thief can disable your central locking and gain internal access. Not to mention repairing the loom is a headache due to the high cost of the process. With loom guards, you can bid this problem goodbye by introducing L4V security that protects the most vulnerable areas of your van.

Loom Guards - Van Shiels - Bristol

Cat Locks

Do you often lose your vehicle's catalytic converter to theft? It is time to accessorize your van with a cat lock. It works because the same wire that locks the catalytic converted with the chassis is strengthened seven-fold. The goal of a cat lock is to make the process of cutting so tedious and time-consuming that a thief cannot get away with it in a short time. It also acts as an induced deterrent, so an individual with malicious intents thinks twice before trying to infiltrate your vehicle's defences. 

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