Van Deadlock  & Van Hook Lock

Is Your Van Safe From Theft Or Intrusion?

Following van theft statistics, amount of vans stolen or van break-ins drastically increases every year. Getting into the van by picking your van's lock or forcing the door mechanism causes the loss of millions of pounds in tools and precious personal belongings.

There is a solution, though; Van Deadlocks!

Van Deadlock Fitting
from £74.99
+ installation
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What’s a Van Deadlock Or a Van Hook Lock?

A van deadlock or a van hook lock refers to an add-on accessory that attaches itself to any van door to lock it securely. It functions as a van security blanket on top of your existing lock system to ensure that you’re never giving a free hand to a thief.


  • Versatile applications allowing different fitting positions

  • 60% less metal trimming for elevated security

  • Satin nickel housing that keeps the lock pick-proof and appealing to the eye

  • Options of T-Series and S-Series key

  • External barrel trims made out of black nylon

  • Multiple sizes available in barrel trims

  • Considered also as a visual deterrent

  • Three keys included with each kit

  • The highest quality and commercial vehicle security standards from Locks 4 vans brand

Why Do I Need a Van Deadlock or a Van Hook Lock?

When delivering goods and services, you may have to park in super unsafe locations, and anyone with the necessary picking skills can take advantage of that. Even a screwdriver can make a job and allow access to all doors. As frightening as it is to lose your van or tools just like that, you shouldn't worry as long as we're fitting up the locks for you.

Our years of expertise have allowed us to master the art of van deadlock installation, so you never think twice before parking anywhere. You'll also have peace of mind while leaving your unattended van overnight. A van deadlock fitting cost is disproportionate compared with a loss in case of a break-in.

Want to never worry about van/tools theft again? Reach out to Secured-Van; the top van security locks service provider in Bristol helping hundreds just like you.